How Installing Retractable Awnings on our Studio Windows Helped Create a More Peaceful Atmosphere

Yoga classes are about having peace of mind and performing under a relaxing ambient to help better achievement.  Our premises are committed to offering such ambient, of course, so that our practitioners get the best experience possible.

But there was a once slight problem that became an issue.  It turns out that our building has a north-south orientation, meaning that the side of the building is facing the east.  As you can imagine, this represents an issue as the morning sun would strike through this window that was not being protected by the trees.

So we went through some ways of solving the issue.  We did not need that striking sun hitting through the windows and unto the floor.  We took some measures as we saw that this was affecting the quality of our services.


Or first obvious solution was our curtains.  Now, the building already had curtains installed when we first came in.  However, these curtains were rather thin and a bit transparent.  So we moved to the next smart step and that was to place thicker curtains.

But then these curtains poised and issue and that was that they darkened the room way too much.  At the crack of the evening, you could see how the dusk would tremendously darken the room.  It made the room look gloomy.  Having to tie up the curtains during the afternoon every day seemed like a nice option.

For some reason, we seemed to be tired of tying and untying those windows so we decided to move on with blinds.  Ah, they looked nice.  The problem here was that blinds are not eternal.  Cleaning them became a little nightmare as well.  Eventually, some blinds unhooked, the string went loose, and they grew this yellowish haze that was impossible to clean.

Not the best sight for a yoga place where you are seeking some peace.


When we saw that covering the windows were not going to cut it, we moved outwards.  This window was so unlucky that it was the only one not protected by any tree or building next to ours.  Planting a tree was a too long-term solution – we were not really willing to wait five years for this tree to grow tall enough.

Those options that were of shorter growth like bushes or a willow, were just too short for it to reach the window or were not dense enough.  Planting a grown-up tree?  Doing it seemed to cause more issues than what it would solve.

A Permanent Solution

Finally, we turned to Element Reno, retractable awning contractors in Vancouver, Canada after being advised by one of our clients.  We noticed that the outer wall where the window was at, could be used as a living spot.  So, this client advised installing a retractable awning.

We found this to be the solution we were looking for –  a pleasantly surprise panacea.   We can’t deny the excitement we had when the thing was first installed and we got to press the button to retract it and extend it.

With this great feature, we now had the flexibility of covering the window from the sun during the morning, but still enjoying some good lighting in the afternoon.

Great advantages came with our retractable awning.  The cost was pretty affordable and the value for our money was great.  Besides this, we were able to open a porch right under this window where our clients could enjoy some time.  We set some tables and chairs and made a pretty cozy spot for our clients to be in.

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What we Want to do For our Studio Redesign

We love changes and that is exactly what we need.  That is actually what we have planned for the near future.  We want to share with you the excitement of all the nice and cool changes that we will be doing to our yoga studio.  Sure we are that you will be excited as well.

Our change in the looks of the studio is probably a great representation of how yoga has changed our lives.  We have moved on to better selves and we want to celebrate it by changing the whole look of our studio.  Here we go, then.

Image result for yoga studio

A More Elaborate Outdoor Studio

We want to get it on with our outdoor studio.  We have already set the outdoor space where we will be building the little hut that will work as our studio.  Of course, we will not be using that one every time.  Only during special occasions when the day is just too beautiful to ignore or we need to breathe some fresh air.

The idea is to get new mats and to build the place with all natural materials. We are getting many coconut leaves to build the roof for instance.   We will be adding fresh plants to these huge pots.  It will be a complete delight.

The Floor

Now, going back to the indoors, we are planning on refurbishing the entire floor.  We will still keep the hardwood floor but we believe it is time to give it a fresh hand of sealer.  The only downside is that it might smell a little bit but it should go away by leaving the windows open a bit.

We are actually planning on giving the floors a lighter tone, you see.  This to be able to control the amount of natural light we allow inside.  We believe that this will give it a more friendly ambient to the entire studio.  We’ll see how it goes and you be the judge.

The Walls

You have probably seen that wall need a makeover as well.  Yeah, they do look fine and all but we want to change the color.  Once again, we want to go with a lighter tone to match the floor.  You will see the great difference this will make.  We are keeping the mirrors, don’t worry.

We plan on painting the wall in two tones, a light blue on the bottom, like about three or four feet above the floor and then a lighter blue on the rest of the wall. It is going to look lovely, you’ll see.  The ideas in our minds are simply crazy.

Plants are an essential to give the entire studio a more lively touch.  We also want to bring nice plants to place all around the walls.  Green and light blue make a pretty good match, don’t you think?

The Lighting

We want to make it all natural.  But, of course, we are not going to do away with the artificial light.  For starters, the color of the light, we will change it to a whiter tone.  We have been using a more yellowish tone for the light but we believe that a whiter haze will make it appear, well, whiter.

The curtains that we currently have are pretty thick and really get in the way of light.  You have noticed how we actually tie a know to allow light in or to keep light from entering.  We will be replacing our curtains with blinds from Window Coverings Calgary so that we can control the amount of natural sunlight more effectively.

We will also be placing the lamps in such a way that they do not interfere with our natural lighting.  We will be placing two more floor lamps on the lobby to give it a cozier ambient.

The Color Scheme

When it comes to how to color the entire studio, the sky is the limit.  We want to get creative here but without overdoing it.  We want to create the best environment for a yoga studio.  The best way to go is to match it with the equipment we already have.  This means that, within some time, we will be also replacing our yoga mats with ones that better match what we want to express.   We will be staying faithful to our logo and design.

We are pretty excited!  Are you?

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Why we Decided to Build an Outdoor Yoga Studio

Image result for why outdoor yoga

There is a strong case of practicing yoga outside. We discovered that doing this has great benefits.  The direct connection with nature outdoors helps replenish your drained energy.  Being closer to nature helps us connect with our roots, right there with nature.  It was decided, we were going to take our yoga to the next level by connecting our costumers to their own roots.

So we consulted the expertise of Centuria Landscape Design, in Vancouver, to help us design our outdoor yoga studio.  We learned that there were some important terrain and landscape aspects that needed to be considered.

The Space

The first thing we needed was space and a flat terrain.  This did not seem to be a problem.  We just needed to make sure that this space was green, a little windy, and with good lighting.   Since we were trying to connect with nature, this studio had to be as open as possible.

So, basically, the idea came down to building a hut where we could take our clients. A place that was open to the elements, with a nice landscape view, but that still protected us from inclement weather.

The Roof

The roof became an important element in our studio since that was the one doing the protection from direct sunlight.  But since we were going for something really natural, we decided not to use tiles or metal. We went for a more natural look by weaving together palm branches.

We added white curtains all over the place, which helped create this mystical and relaxing environment.  The roof’s frame was made of bamboo, as well as the pillars that hold it.

The Floor

We knew that one important thing about the floor was to make it comfortable enough for people to walk on it as well as lye down on it comfortably.  A wooden floor was our best option so we went with it.  We made it pretty comfortable and lined it to make it shine.  This helped to a pristine look.

We complemented with some plants placed around the studio.  This, with the beautiful landscape, helped it create a pretty green and relaxing environment, which is what we were looking for.

An Outdoor Experience

As opposed to artificial light and breathing used air, outdoor yoga is offering us a much better experience.  We find that as we parade outdoors, we get this greater sense of disconnection with the world as we literally walk away from it.

We notice that our awareness is enhanced and we can more easily meditate.  As a result, our overall confidence is increased.

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Yoga for Injury Rehab

Yoga is one of the most underrated activities for improvement mental and physical health and wellness. Many of those who are unfamiliar with yoga often think of it as a glorified stretching program, or something that is synonymous with mediation. While some of these domains certainly do present themselves in yoga at times, there is definitely more to the picture. We have previously spoken about the benefits of yoga, but today we would like to specifically discuss how yoga may be able to help with recovering from an injury.


You may have heard lots before about how stretching before and after activity may be able to reduce instances of injury. There is lots of debate out there about what type of stretching is better or worse for injury prevention, how much stretching to do, when to do it, etc. This makes it extremely difficult for those looking for a practical solution, but here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to stretching and injuries, particularly as it relates to yoga.

Different tissues in the body will react to stretch differently. For example, muscles are easily stretched (relatively speaking) due to their length, contractile properties, and blood supply. Tendons, which are the structures that connect muscle to bone, are typically way more stiff, but they can still respond to stretching. On the other hand, ligaments are passive structures that cannot be actively contracted. They connect bone to bone, and their purpose is to provide stability around joints. As such, ligaments are not supposed to be capable of stretching too much. With this in mind, let’s take a look at how this may affect your course of action.

Injury to a Muscle or Tendon

Please keep in mind that the following information is quite generalized and is only meant to provide you with a starting point for an appropriate curse of action. Discussions with your doctor and/or physiotherapist will be crucial in order to understanding your particular injury and how to best rehabilitate it.

Muscle and tendon strains can be quite painful, and given the dynamic nature of muscles, injury to these structures can cause significant limitations to mobility. Muscle and tendon strains are typically very painful, especially with movement that requires contraction or lengthening of that particular muscle or tendon. Therefore, it’s easy to see why resting the injured area is an enticing solution.

Resting the injured muscle is definitely required in the initial stages of recovery. In the first couple days to a week, the injured area is in the inflammatory phase. This is usually characterized by pain, redness, swelling, and warmth of the injured area. It’s necessary in order for the body to help rid the area of biological debris and lay down new material for healing. So when you first incur the injury, rest is typically advised, as well as other solutions like applying ice for the pain and swelling, as well as elevating the area if possible.

After the inflammation phase, we now enter the proliferative phase, which is characterized by the development of new tissue. This is a sensitive stage whereby you don’t want to cause more damage, but you can also assist your recovery by gradually returning to movement. For example, by placing just a little bit of stress on the area, whether it be extremely light stretching or easy movements, can help the new tissue structure itself in a way that will help it meet future demands and regain normal function.

As time goes on, you can generally begin placing more and more load on the area, gradually regaining your full range of motion. Strengthening and stretching are both important, with a focus on active stretching, that is, simple things that take the joint through its range of motion. For example, if you strained your quadriceps, focusing on knee flexion and extension may be a way to help that specific area heal and regain normal function. If it’s a more chronic injury, or something that has healed but is still nagging, sometimes you can get little tools to help. For example, patellar tendon straps are simple and effective items that can really help people with patellar tendonitis. Wearing one of these while doing yoga can help you get the most out of your experience, assuming that’s the sort of injury that has been affecting you.

So how can yoga help with these injuries? If the program is light enough, yoga can help restore muscle strength to the area and also help with maintaining/regaining normal range of motion. Additionally, the fact that all positions are performed under your own body weight offers a relatively safe approach compared to something that involves external weights, such as dumbbells. However, please be cautious when doing yoga while injured. The degree of stretch may be too intense for your particular injury, so practice caution and never over-do it.


Ligaments can take quite a while to heal, particularly if the tear was substantial. In the case of a full rupture, the ligament will have to be surgically repaired, and in this case, you will likely be given a fairly detailed rehabilitation program to follow. Ligaments are tough because inactivity can quickly lead to degradation and weakness of the tissue, yet substantial rest is required in order to clear that inflammatory phase and ensure you don’t re-injure the tissue.

So how can yoga help? In this case, it may be beneficial to wait a little longer for a ligament injury before returning to yoga. Remember, ligaments need to be tight and strong in order to reinforce joints. For example, the MCL of the knee reinforces the inside of the joint by spanning from the thigh to the shin on the inside of the leg over the knee joint. If this ligament was loose or damaged, it would be fairly useless.

So when going back to yoga, the focus should be on strengthening the surrounding muscles and practicing range of motion of the joint. Stressing the ligament lightly within its normal limits (less so if its still early in recovery) can help the newly healed tissue structure itself in line with the direction of typical stresses being applied to it. Just remember that too much stretching may further damage the ligament or cause a setback, so start very light and progress through your range of motion very gradually. Simply put, listen to your body and take things slow.


Yoga can be a useful tool for injury prevention and recovery, but it depends highly on the specific injury and how far along in the healing process you are. From a general standpoint, yoga should be used to strengthen muscle groups and perform movements that help bring a joint through its range of motion, but be careful of the stretching aspect, especially if your injury is to a ligament. Ask your doctor or physiotherapist first about yoga, as they may have some clever ideas for you to modify the program, allowing you to get the most out of the activity. Good luck!

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Apps to help you get your daily yoga dose

No, we do not take yoga as an exercise.  Not everyone is willing to do hard workout but pretty much anyone can practice yoga.  After a long strenuous day, nothing beats a great session of yoga.  It´s like you recharge your batteries and get back to it.

But our lives are so agitated that we sometimes forget to take this time for us.  Or, probably we are new at it and we are probably causing more harm than not by doing poses that attack the body.  These are some of the apps to help you get your daily yoga dose.

Yoga Studio

In this application, you can choose your preferences for practicing.  There is also space for learning in case you have not mastered yoga yet.

They have a 280 poses library.  This means that you have plenty of exercise to do.   The training videos are in a box.

Pocket Yoga

This app has the feature of being pretty versatile and easy to use.  This app contains a library of 200 poses with illustration.  You can easily follow your progress since it tracks the calories you have burnt.

A little plus, you can play your own music if the default is just not too good for you.

Global Yoga Academy

With a library of 200 poses, Global Yoga Academy is like an online course.  You enroll and start going up with daily routines.  You can also download your videos temporarily inside the house for when you want to watch outside.

5-minute yoga

In five minutes, this app will tell you which routine of yoga to follow.  The purpose of the brand is to help you go faster and finally.

Daily Yoga

With phone notifications, this application is not letting you miss the next yoga section.  It offers daily programs for beginners.  This, among with people tends to be annoying.   But not to us, right?

Besides Yoga, there are other practices included in the app, including wrestling,  Customizing your program and checking your progress will help you stay motivated.

Simply Yoga

This one is aimed towards those who usually do not like to go the gym anymore  Or for beginners who are looking forward to get a chunk of the cake.  Explanatory videos of some important poses will pass through for now.   The app is made of three preset routines that last 20, 30 s, and even customizable.

Get on to your yoga game with these apps.  Please note that some of them cost money or have a subscription. If you ever needed help in creating the next cool app, you should contact AY App Development.  They will certainly deliver a great work.



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We hired a business coach to help us revamp our studio

It was the best decision.  For entrepreneurs like ourselves, this was a really bold move. We knew we had to plan for it but were a bit scared about the investment.  But then we learned that business coaches also help with starting a business.  So, we say it as a score.  If we were going to give up money for this service, we had to expect to get a good ROI.

Gladly, this is exactly what we got.  We relied on the top Business Coach Vancouver and we could not be happier.

Where we were

The whole idea of a business coach is for them to objectively help us develop a strategy to get us from where we are to where we want to be.   In our case, we were a starting business.  We had obtained funds from savings and family help.  We wanted to start with being responsible about our money and investments.

At first, the scenery look gloom and bleak, to say the least.  In all honesty, we were not exactly expecting a “boom” in our first days, but we were certainly not getting what we wished for.  So, we made the call.

Where we wanted to be

The main purpose of a business is to get profit (duh).  However, we were not seeing it very clear.  We did have our goals clear.  Or at least that is what we thought.  Our mission and vision were the standpoints to the success of our business.  So, kudos to us on that.

We wanted to get a higher ROI.  We designed a website and we set our goals to increase traffic by 45% in 90 days.  Everything else pretty much had to fall in place.  More traffic represented a higher rank and more customers.  That was crystal clear.  The target was to be solvent and growing.

What we got

When the business coach walked in, the first thing she did was to take a thorough look at the books.  She made an emphasis on the incomes and outcomes.  We learned that we had to make some necessary cuts to some things that, we then realized, we were emotionally attached to.

Our business got more successful through the application of the following strategies:

  • We were challenged to try new things. We were very comfortable in that area, let me tell you.
  • Getting unstuck and motivated.  It was hard for us to gain momentum to start trying new things.
  • A very important step was to evaluate ourselves and find our weaknesses and strengths.
  • We were thrilled when we realized all the great things that we were able to accomplish when we had someone there that truly believed in us.
  • Get more confident and trust in ourselves was one skill that our coach helped us develop.
  • Being accountable to someone added a little pressure to the need or setting small goals and meeting them.

Overall, it was a thrilling experience that allows us to highly recommend a business coach.  I know it seems like you do not have a cut for that expense.  But trust me, it will become your best investment, so go for it.

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Why we got trademarked

Trademark is just another way to say brands.  This is how you present yourself to a final consumer.  Consumer decisions are largely influenced by the reputation of a brand or trademark.  Even so, whenever a consumer makes a decision for a product, they are expecting to see a trademark.  This allows them to make comparisons between brands in order to make educated decisions in the future.

We then came to realize that trademarking was important to our business and its reputation.  It helped us commit ourselves to offer products and services of a higher quality.  Here are the top reasons why we got trademarked.

It is easier for clients to find us

The services we offer are not necessarily novel in themselves and the market is crowded with brands that offer similar services.  When you get into this “sea” of options, it is hard to find yourself if you are not trademarked.  You need a name and a symbol that clients can find you with.

We realized that this was the only way to make our business stand out.  This can be critical to influencing a consumer´s decision.

Trademarks represent values

Once you are trademarked, this brand can increase its value over time.  Of course, this will depend on the reputation that the business earns through the years.

A brand can be of great value and with an increasing reputation, you can make it grow to other products or services.  You can even sell it to a larger corporation at a reasonable price if you wish.

A trademark allows us to use social media effectively

We need to put a face on our social media posts.  When looking for our services, clients are looking for a trademark when they go online of to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

The aim of using social media is to increase traffic, get a higher ranking, increase customers, and increase the trademark´s value.

Trademarks communicate a message effectively

We wanted to convey emotional and intellectual attributes through our trademark.  People should be able to get what the message is about when they look at our logo.  This is why we believed that we had to make our brand’s logo something that would clearly speak to people and tap into their emotions.

A trademark is not expensive nor hard to obtain

We learned that the process for obtaining a patent is not costly.  The United States Patents and Trademarks office charges around $275 dollars, a few dollars after five years, and another few hundred dollars after ten years.

They never expire

So not only are they cost effective, trademarks never expire.  This is as long as you are in the country where you filed your patent.

So you see how brands are an important asset to a business.  Get yourself trademarked too and enjoy the benefits.  The best Trademark Lawyer Vancouver is ready to help you get the most out of your business’s trademark.


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Why every business should invest in web design

There are very rare cases of businesses that do not need a website.  If this is your case, good for you.  Probably you do not need one because you have discovered that your target leads are not website people more than they are Facebook people, for instance.  If that is your case, good for you.

However, most businesses need a website.  Especially those that do not have headquarters that clients get to visit.   Also, there are businesses such as photography or videography that rely on visual to showcase what they have to offer.

Today we bring you powerful reasons why a website is a powerful Digital Marketing tool.  So, if you are looking to cut off corners to save budget, including a website in this cut is a grave mistake.

Your clients are expecting one

We are in a digital age where your potential clients are expecting you to have an online presence.  Before a client ventures to make business with you, they will go and search you on Google.  They expect to see your offer in the comfort of their homes and see what others have to say about you.  If nothing of this is found, then you will be seen as irrelevant, and your potential customer will move on, guess where?  That is correct, to your competition.

So you have to make sure you are looking good online.  A Google+ account is a must since Google integrates it with the branded search clients make of your business.

On the other hand, if your potential customers find negative reviews and a poorly made website, this will tarnish your reputation.  Therefore, you must make sure you hire a professional to make your website look pristine.

A website is cost-effective

When you think of building a website, you are probably thinking about going from scratch and coding. That sounds like a lot of money.  Fortunately, you can use services that allow you to highly customize your site without using any coding whatsoever.

WordPress allows you to painlessly build a customizable website.  Since it is an open source, users can create ways to improve it and make it more versatile.  Despite it changing some features, the main design and functions remain the same.


Attached to it being cost effective, a website provides a great opportunity for you to advertise yourself and your offer.  You have the chance to convince your customers why they should make business for you.  Link this to the sleek design we mention in the first point and you are great to go.

The typical ways of advertising are making space for the digital era where people rely more on user’s generated content, reviews, and social media.

Improves communication with your customers

One important factor that as a business you should never overlook is communication with your customers.  A great customer service can guarantee a returning client.  A website provides a great way to sort out a variety of channels through which they can communicate with you.  They should all pose the same convenience for the client.

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Is there a safe, chemical free way to dye your hair ombre at home?

Whether you’re trying to cover a few greys or just looking for a new look, changing your hair can really give it a new lease of life. Ombre has become a very popular option in the last years and looks set to continue. The way it shifts in color allows for a very natural look that doesn’t look too heavy. Sort of like the look you can get from a few weeks in the tropics. But while many of us may love highlights there are concerns about the number of chemicals contained in standard bleach. Over 5000 according to the National Cancer Institute. It’s nice to know so that there are chemical free options for hair dying. It’s also nice to see that professional salons and stylist are also starting to take notice. You can now find organic salons in many cities which offer chemical free dying options. For Ombre in Vancouver, there are a lot of natural choices. We’re going to look at a few of those in today’s article.

What is Ombre

First off let’s mention what Ombre actually is. Ombre is a hair styling method in which only the ends of the hair are dyed. The roots are left untouched with the aim being a natural progression from one color to another. It achieves this because the dye is only applied lightly to the top layers of hair rather than saturating all the way through like traditional highlights. It requires a lot less maintenance than regular highlights and generally lasts longer which means fewer trips to the hair salon. It isn’t so difficult either to do it at home, provided you have some experience with dying your own hair.

Tape-in Extensions

The easiest option is to get tape-in extensions. This works best if your starting with short hair (shoulder length is perfect) or is the color is already growing out. Stylists can clip-in Ombre hair extensions while having them blended to match perfectly. You can have a lot of options to choose from with this and the whole process usually takes only 30min. For those with sensitive hair, this is a godsend as it means no need to worry about over bleaching.

Other options

If extensions aren’t your thing or which to try some experimenting then there a few other options, all different depending on the color you’re going for

  • Blonde – Honey and cinnamon can act as natural bleaching agents when mixed together. Mix equal parts honey and cinnamon with conditioner and olive oil. Massage it into your hair and let it sit for about an hour before rinsing. You may need to do this several times depending on how strong you want the effect.
  • Brown – Black walnuts are great for staining just about everything. Crush up some walnuts and boil in a pot of water. Dip your hair in and let set before rinsing
  • Red – Henna will give you varying degrees of red depending on how strong you make it. You can buy Henna online easily. Mix it with water several hours in advance and then apply it just like you would a regular dye. You’ll need gloves for this one.
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How getting a 3D photo tour of our studio increased new customers

When it comes to marketing a website, you will learn the truth about how an image speaks more than a thousand words.  Also, it is very important that these are quality photos.   So, based on that, we hired a good photographer to take the best pictures for us to place on the website.

For some reason, even though our investment was not that significant (we were just getting started), we did not really feel we were getting there.  At least not at the beginning.  But this is how it all starts, right?  Our customers increased, not exponentially, but they did.

Help came along

But then I saw this website that was using 3D photography.  I believe it was for real estate.  Thankfully, it was not the competition.  As I was browsing over this wonderful thing, I was like, “whoa! what in the world is this?!”  It was so beautiful!  The images were so sharp and crispy.  I’m telling you, this was such a comfortable and convenient experience that all I could think of was, “we need this for our yoga studio, now!”

So we contacted the best real estate photography service out there and brought them in.  Their work was really professional and you could also tell from all the gear and stuff they used.  Once they had the final product for our yoga studio, I was stunned!  My heart sank to tears and it was all so joyful.  Then, we decide to put it all up on our website.

What we got

Of course, our marketing strategy involves social media.  We suddenly noticed how the number of our visitors increased.  Then it all began:  we started to have a more significant growth.  It was like we had placed some blankets over our studio but now we had removed them all.

To this day, we have a more solid corporation thanks to the way we handled our 3D tour.  People actually get the unique chance of visiting our premises without coming in yet.  This proved to be so beneficial for potential clients.  It was also a good way of putting some positive pressure on ours to maintain facilities to their best.

3D Photography was worth all the way

At the beginning, it seemed like the expenses of 3D photography tour would be too hight.  But surprisingly, we were able to afford just fine. However, the benefits we got from it were insurmountable.  Our business had the boost that it needed and it is now more self-sustaining than ever.

When I asked some people how they heard about our studio, their reply about our website would be on the lines of:

“the studio looked pretty gorgeous”

“You know, when I first came here, it felt like home.  It was something so spiritual tha I knew I had come to the rigth place. ”

“I said to myself, ‘If these people go this far and beyond with their website, imagine what their studio is actually like!'”

So, thank you YYC 3D for the help and assistance in helping my business grow.

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