Why we Decided to Build an Outdoor Yoga Studio

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There is a strong case of practicing yoga outside. We discovered that doing this has great benefits.  The direct connection with nature outdoors helps replenish your drained energy.  Being closer to nature helps us connect with our roots, right there with nature.  It was decided, we were going to take our yoga to the next level by connecting our costumers to their own roots.

So we consulted the expertise of Centuria Landscape Design, in Vancouver, to help us design our outdoor yoga studio.  We learned that there were some important terrain and landscape aspects that needed to be considered.

The Space

The first thing we needed was space and a flat terrain.  This did not seem to be a problem.  We just needed to make sure that this space was green, a little windy, and with good lighting.   Since we were trying to connect with nature, this studio had to be as open as possible.

So, basically, the idea came down to building a hut where we could take our clients. A place that was open to the elements, with a nice landscape view, but that still protected us from inclement weather.

The Roof

The roof became an important element in our studio since that was the one doing the protection from direct sunlight.  But since we were going for something really natural, we decided not to use tiles or metal. We went for a more natural look by weaving together palm branches.

We added white curtains all over the place, which helped create this mystical and relaxing environment.  The roof’s frame was made of bamboo, as well as the pillars that hold it.

The Floor

We knew that one important thing about the floor was to make it comfortable enough for people to walk on it as well as lye down on it comfortably.  A wooden floor was our best option so we went with it.  We made it pretty comfortable and lined it to make it shine.  This helped to a pristine look.

We complemented with some plants placed around the studio.  This, with the beautiful landscape, helped it create a pretty green and relaxing environment, which is what we were looking for.

An Outdoor Experience

As opposed to artificial light and breathing used air, outdoor yoga is offering us a much better experience.  We find that as we parade outdoors, we get this greater sense of disconnection with the world as we literally walk away from it.

We notice that our awareness is enhanced and we can more easily meditate.  As a result, our overall confidence is increased.

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