Apps to help you get your daily yoga dose

No, we do not take yoga as an exercise.  Not everyone is willing to do hard workout but pretty much anyone can practice yoga.  After a long strenuous day, nothing beats a great session of yoga.  It´s like you recharge your batteries and get back to it.

But our lives are so agitated that we sometimes forget to take this time for us.  Or, probably we are new at it and we are probably causing more harm than not by doing poses that attack the body.  These are some of the apps to help you get your daily yoga dose.

Yoga Studio

In this application, you can choose your preferences for practicing.  There is also space for learning in case you have not mastered yoga yet.

They have a 280 poses library.  This means that you have plenty of exercise to do.   The training videos are in a box.

Pocket Yoga

This app has the feature of being pretty versatile and easy to use.  This app contains a library of 200 poses with illustration.  You can easily follow your progress since it tracks the calories you have burnt.

A little plus, you can play your own music if the default is just not too good for you.

Global Yoga Academy

With a library of 200 poses, Global Yoga Academy is like an online course.  You enroll and start going up with daily routines.  You can also download your videos temporarily inside the house for when you want to watch outside.

5-minute yoga

In five minutes, this app will tell you which routine of yoga to follow.  The purpose of the brand is to help you go faster and finally.

Daily Yoga

With phone notifications, this application is not letting you miss the next yoga section.  It offers daily programs for beginners.  This, among with people tends to be annoying.   But not to us, right?

Besides Yoga, there are other practices included in the app, including wrestling,  Customizing your program and checking your progress will help you stay motivated.

Simply Yoga

This one is aimed towards those who usually do not like to go the gym anymore  Or for beginners who are looking forward to get a chunk of the cake.  Explanatory videos of some important poses will pass through for now.   The app is made of three preset routines that last 20, 30 s, and even customizable.

Get on to your yoga game with these apps.  Please note that some of them cost money or have a subscription. If you ever needed help in creating the next cool app, you should contact AY App Development.  They will certainly deliver a great work.



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