How getting a 3D photo tour of our studio increased new customers

When it comes to marketing a website, you will learn the truth about how an image speaks more than a thousand words.  Also, it is very important that these are quality photos.   So, based on that, we hired a good photographer to take the best pictures for us to place on the website.

For some reason, even though our investment was not that significant (we were just getting started), we did not really feel we were getting there.  At least not at the beginning.  But this is how it all starts, right?  Our customers increased, not exponentially, but they did.

Help came along

But then I saw this website that was using 3D photography.  I believe it was for real estate.  Thankfully, it was not the competition.  As I was browsing over this wonderful thing, I was like, “whoa! what in the world is this?!”  It was so beautiful!  The images were so sharp and crispy.  I’m telling you, this was such a comfortable and convenient experience that all I could think of was, “we need this for our yoga studio, now!”

So we contacted the best real estate photography service out there and brought them in.  Their work was really professional and you could also tell from all the gear and stuff they used.  Once they had the final product for our yoga studio, I was stunned!  My heart sank to tears and it was all so joyful.  Then, we decide to put it all up on our website.

What we got

Of course, our marketing strategy involves social media.  We suddenly noticed how the number of our visitors increased.  Then it all began:  we started to have a more significant growth.  It was like we had placed some blankets over our studio but now we had removed them all.

To this day, we have a more solid corporation thanks to the way we handled our 3D tour.  People actually get the unique chance of visiting our premises without coming in yet.  This proved to be so beneficial for potential clients.  It was also a good way of putting some positive pressure on ours to maintain facilities to their best.

3D Photography was worth all the way

At the beginning, it seemed like the expenses of 3D photography tour would be too hight.  But surprisingly, we were able to afford just fine. However, the benefits we got from it were insurmountable.  Our business had the boost that it needed and it is now more self-sustaining than ever.

When I asked some people how they heard about our studio, their reply about our website would be on the lines of:

“the studio looked pretty gorgeous”

“You know, when I first came here, it felt like home.  It was something so spiritual tha I knew I had come to the rigth place. ”

“I said to myself, ‘If these people go this far and beyond with their website, imagine what their studio is actually like!'”

So, thank you YYC 3D for the help and assistance in helping my business grow.

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