We hired a business coach to help us revamp our studio

It was the best decision.  For entrepreneurs like ourselves, this was a really bold move. We knew we had to plan for it but were a bit scared about the investment.  But then we learned that business coaches also help with starting a business.  So, we say it as a score.  If we were going to give up money for this service, we had to expect to get a good ROI.

Gladly, this is exactly what we got.  We relied on the top Business Coach Vancouver and we could not be happier.

Where we were

The whole idea of a business coach is for them to objectively help us develop a strategy to get us from where we are to where we want to be.   In our case, we were a starting business.  We had obtained funds from savings and family help.  We wanted to start with being responsible about our money and investments.

At first, the scenery look gloom and bleak, to say the least.  In all honesty, we were not exactly expecting a “boom” in our first days, but we were certainly not getting what we wished for.  So, we made the call.

Where we wanted to be

The main purpose of a business is to get profit (duh).  However, we were not seeing it very clear.  We did have our goals clear.  Or at least that is what we thought.  Our mission and vision were the standpoints to the success of our business.  So, kudos to us on that.

We wanted to get a higher ROI.  We designed a website and we set our goals to increase traffic by 45% in 90 days.  Everything else pretty much had to fall in place.  More traffic represented a higher rank and more customers.  That was crystal clear.  The target was to be solvent and growing.

What we got

When the business coach walked in, the first thing she did was to take a thorough look at the books.  She made an emphasis on the incomes and outcomes.  We learned that we had to make some necessary cuts to some things that, we then realized, we were emotionally attached to.

Our business got more successful through the application of the following strategies:

  • We were challenged to try new things. We were very comfortable in that area, let me tell you.
  • Getting unstuck and motivated.  It was hard for us to gain momentum to start trying new things.
  • A very important step was to evaluate ourselves and find our weaknesses and strengths.
  • We were thrilled when we realized all the great things that we were able to accomplish when we had someone there that truly believed in us.
  • Get more confident and trust in ourselves was one skill that our coach helped us develop.
  • Being accountable to someone added a little pressure to the need or setting small goals and meeting them.

Overall, it was a thrilling experience that allows us to highly recommend a business coach.  I know it seems like you do not have a cut for that expense.  But trust me, it will become your best investment, so go for it.

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