How Installing Retractable Awnings on our Studio Windows Helped Create a More Peaceful Atmosphere

Yoga classes are about having peace of mind and performing under a relaxing ambient to help better achievement.  Our premises are committed to offering such ambient, of course, so that our practitioners get the best experience possible.

But there was a once slight problem that became an issue.  It turns out that our building has a north-south orientation, meaning that the side of the building is facing the east.  As you can imagine, this represents an issue as the morning sun would strike through this window that was not being protected by the trees.

So we went through some ways of solving the issue.  We did not need that striking sun hitting through the windows and unto the floor.  We took some measures as we saw that this was affecting the quality of our services.


Or first obvious solution was our curtains.  Now, the building already had curtains installed when we first came in.  However, these curtains were rather thin and a bit transparent.  So we moved to the next smart step and that was to place thicker curtains.

But then these curtains poised and issue and that was that they darkened the room way too much.  At the crack of the evening, you could see how the dusk would tremendously darken the room.  It made the room look gloomy.  Having to tie up the curtains during the afternoon every day seemed like a nice option.

For some reason, we seemed to be tired of tying and untying those windows so we decided to move on with blinds.  Ah, they looked nice.  The problem here was that blinds are not eternal.  Cleaning them became a little nightmare as well.  Eventually, some blinds unhooked, the string went loose, and they grew this yellowish haze that was impossible to clean.

Not the best sight for a yoga place where you are seeking some peace.


When we saw that covering the windows were not going to cut it, we moved outwards.  This window was so unlucky that it was the only one not protected by any tree or building next to ours.  Planting a tree was a too long-term solution – we were not really willing to wait five years for this tree to grow tall enough.

Those options that were of shorter growth like bushes or a willow, were just too short for it to reach the window or were not dense enough.  Planting a grown-up tree?  Doing it seemed to cause more issues than what it would solve.

A Permanent Solution

Finally, we turned to Element Reno, retractable awning contractors in Vancouver, Canada after being advised by one of our clients.  We noticed that the outer wall where the window was at, could be used as a living spot.  So, this client advised installing a retractable awning.

We found this to be the solution we were looking for –  a pleasantly surprise panacea.   We can’t deny the excitement we had when the thing was first installed and we got to press the button to retract it and extend it.

With this great feature, we now had the flexibility of covering the window from the sun during the morning, but still enjoying some good lighting in the afternoon.

Great advantages came with our retractable awning.  The cost was pretty affordable and the value for our money was great.  Besides this, we were able to open a porch right under this window where our clients could enjoy some time.  We set some tables and chairs and made a pretty cozy spot for our clients to be in.

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