Is there a safe, chemical free way to dye your hair ombre at home?

Whether you’re trying to cover a few greys or just looking for a new look, changing your hair can really give it a new lease of life. Ombre has become a very popular option in the last years and looks set to continue. The way it shifts in color allows for a very natural look that doesn’t look too heavy. Sort of like the look you can get from a few weeks in the tropics. But while many of us may love highlights there are concerns about the number of chemicals contained in standard bleach. Over 5000 according to the National Cancer Institute. It’s nice to know so that there are chemical free options for hair dying. It’s also nice to see that professional salons and stylist are also starting to take notice. You can now find organic salons in many cities which offer chemical free dying options. For Ombre in Vancouver, there are a lot of natural choices. We’re going to look at a few of those in today’s article.

What is Ombre

First off let’s mention what Ombre actually is. Ombre is a hair styling method in which only the ends of the hair are dyed. The roots are left untouched with the aim being a natural progression from one color to another. It achieves this because the dye is only applied lightly to the top layers of hair rather than saturating all the way through like traditional highlights. It requires a lot less maintenance than regular highlights and generally lasts longer which means fewer trips to the hair salon. It isn’t so difficult either to do it at home, provided you have some experience with dying your own hair.

Tape-in Extensions

The easiest option is to get tape-in extensions. This works best if your starting with short hair (shoulder length is perfect) or is the color is already growing out. Stylists can clip-in Ombre hair extensions while having them blended to match perfectly. You can have a lot of options to choose from with this and the whole process usually takes only 30min. For those with sensitive hair, this is a godsend as it means no need to worry about over bleaching.

Other options

If extensions aren’t your thing or which to try some experimenting then there a few other options, all different depending on the color you’re going for

  • Blonde – Honey and cinnamon can act as natural bleaching agents when mixed together. Mix equal parts honey and cinnamon with conditioner and olive oil. Massage it into your hair and let it sit for about an hour before rinsing. You may need to do this several times depending on how strong you want the effect.
  • Brown – Black walnuts are great for staining just about everything. Crush up some walnuts and boil in a pot of water. Dip your hair in and let set before rinsing
  • Red – Henna will give you varying degrees of red depending on how strong you make it. You can buy Henna online easily. Mix it with water several hours in advance and then apply it just like you would a regular dye. You’ll need gloves for this one.
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