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The Benefits of Yoga on Your Mental Health

Yoga is basically the practice of proper breathing technique and poses. It being one of the most do-able exercises out there makes it very common just about everywhere. But why do we really do yoga exercises? Do we do it for physical enhancement purposes only? Apparently, yoga does not only benefit the outer aspect of our body, but more intricately the inside of it. Yes, you heard it right, Yoga has tons of mental health benefits as well. Executing well and immersing yourself onto the mental aspect of this exercise will do wonders for your mental health.

Listed below are ways as to how Yoga can improve your overall mental health:

1. Yoga gives you a positive mindset – Practicing yoga causes your Thalamus to stimulate a body chemical called Gamma amminobutyric acid also known as GABA. This GABA chemical prevents your serotonergic neurons from malfunctioning. These neurons are responsible for the production of serotonin. The lack of this so called serotonin can mean depression for you and that is why a regular practice of yoga will ensure you of a healthy and positive mindset at all times.

2. Yoga improves your concentration and memory skills – Your concentration is expected to be significantly better after a couple of yoga sessions. This exercise un-clutters your brain of excessive thinking and thus relieves your anxiety related problems. After having done so, you will also notice a great improvement in your memory. ┬áHere is more on how yoga can help with concentration.

3. Yoga protects your brain from aging – Yoga is an exercise that is suitable for just about any age bracket. Just through the simple memorization of poses and breathing techniques is sure to give not only your body a good exercise, but inevitably your brain as well. Researchers have found a huge disparity in the brain volume of those older yoga practitioners compared to people of their age who does not perform yoga exercises at all.

4. Yoga gives your brain better stress response – Calmness and serenity are two things that you are sure to get from doing Yoga. This in return will definitely give you better reaction to sudden problems and difficulties. Getting stuck in traffic or having a hard time finding parking space for example might not get you as annoyed as before after trying a couple of Yoga sessions.

There are so much more benefits of Yoga to be mentioned. These are just some of the main mental health advantages it will give you but far beyond what is mentioned, there are countless ways as to how Yoga can benefit your mind. For just a brief period of doing different posing and breathing sequences, reward your mind of these wonderful benefits that Yoga provides.