What we Want to do For our Studio Redesign

We love changes and that is exactly what we need.  That is actually what we have planned for the near future.  We want to share with you the excitement of all the nice and cool changes that we will be doing to our yoga studio.  Sure we are that you will be excited as well.

Our change in the looks of the studio is probably a great representation of how yoga has changed our lives.  We have moved on to better selves and we want to celebrate it by changing the whole look of our studio.  Here we go, then.

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A More Elaborate Outdoor Studio

We want to get it on with our outdoor studio.  We have already set the outdoor space where we will be building the little hut that will work as our studio.  Of course, we will not be using that one every time.  Only during special occasions when the day is just too beautiful to ignore or we need to breathe some fresh air.

The idea is to get new mats and to build the place with all natural materials. We are getting many coconut leaves to build the roof for instance.   We will be adding fresh plants to these huge pots.  It will be a complete delight.

The Floor

Now, going back to the indoors, we are planning on refurbishing the entire floor.  We will still keep the hardwood floor but we believe it is time to give it a fresh hand of sealer.  The only downside is that it might smell a little bit but it should go away by leaving the windows open a bit.

We are actually planning on giving the floors a lighter tone, you see.  This to be able to control the amount of natural light we allow inside.  We believe that this will give it a more friendly ambient to the entire studio.  We’ll see how it goes and you be the judge.

The Walls

You have probably seen that wall need a makeover as well.  Yeah, they do look fine and all but we want to change the color.  Once again, we want to go with a lighter tone to match the floor.  You will see the great difference this will make.  We are keeping the mirrors, don’t worry.

We plan on painting the wall in two tones, a light blue on the bottom, like about three or four feet above the floor and then a lighter blue on the rest of the wall. It is going to look lovely, you’ll see.  The ideas in our minds are simply crazy.

Plants are an essential to give the entire studio a more lively touch.  We also want to bring nice plants to place all around the walls.  Green and light blue make a pretty good match, don’t you think?

The Lighting

We want to make it all natural.  But, of course, we are not going to do away with the artificial light.  For starters, the color of the light, we will change it to a whiter tone.  We have been using a more yellowish tone for the light but we believe that a whiter haze will make it appear, well, whiter.

The curtains that we currently have are pretty thick and really get in the way of light.  You have noticed how we actually tie a know to allow light in or to keep light from entering.  We will be replacing our curtains with blinds from Window Coverings Calgary so that we can control the amount of natural sunlight more effectively.

We will also be placing the lamps in such a way that they do not interfere with our natural lighting.  We will be placing two more floor lamps on the lobby to give it a cozier ambient.

The Color Scheme

When it comes to how to color the entire studio, the sky is the limit.  We want to get creative here but without overdoing it.  We want to create the best environment for a yoga studio.  The best way to go is to match it with the equipment we already have.  This means that, within some time, we will be also replacing our yoga mats with ones that better match what we want to express.   We will be staying faithful to our logo and design.

We are pretty excited!  Are you?

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