Why we got trademarked

Trademark is just another way to say brands.  This is how you present yourself to a final consumer.  Consumer decisions are largely influenced by the reputation of a brand or trademark.  Even so, whenever a consumer makes a decision for a product, they are expecting to see a trademark.  This allows them to make comparisons between brands in order to make educated decisions in the future.

We then came to realize that trademarking was important to our business and its reputation.  It helped us commit ourselves to offer products and services of a higher quality.  Here are the top reasons why we got trademarked.

It is easier for clients to find us

The services we offer are not necessarily novel in themselves and the market is crowded with brands that offer similar services.  When you get into this “sea” of options, it is hard to find yourself if you are not trademarked.  You need a name and a symbol that clients can find you with.

We realized that this was the only way to make our business stand out.  This can be critical to influencing a consumer´s decision.

Trademarks represent values

Once you are trademarked, this brand can increase its value over time.  Of course, this will depend on the reputation that the business earns through the years.

A brand can be of great value and with an increasing reputation, you can make it grow to other products or services.  You can even sell it to a larger corporation at a reasonable price if you wish.

A trademark allows us to use social media effectively

We need to put a face on our social media posts.  When looking for our services, clients are looking for a trademark when they go online of to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

The aim of using social media is to increase traffic, get a higher ranking, increase customers, and increase the trademark´s value.

Trademarks communicate a message effectively

We wanted to convey emotional and intellectual attributes through our trademark.  People should be able to get what the message is about when they look at our logo.  This is why we believed that we had to make our brand’s logo something that would clearly speak to people and tap into their emotions.

A trademark is not expensive nor hard to obtain

We learned that the process for obtaining a patent is not costly.  The United States Patents and Trademarks office charges around $275 dollars, a few dollars after five years, and another few hundred dollars after ten years.

They never expire

So not only are they cost effective, trademarks never expire.  This is as long as you are in the country where you filed your patent.

So you see how brands are an important asset to a business.  Get yourself trademarked too and enjoy the benefits.  The best Trademark Lawyer Vancouver is ready to help you get the most out of your business’s trademark.


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